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All the startups signed up for StartupItalia! Open Summit 2020 will take part in the selection of the 100 best startups of the year chosen by the Editorial Board of StartupItalia! magazine. Applications start on October 19th 2020 and close on December 13 2020.

The criteria used to compile the list of the 100 include the following

– the startup must have completed at least a financing round;

– it must be already on the market or having developed a working prototype;

– it must operate in the international market but be born in Italy or founded by at least one Italian;

– it has won at least one startup competition, be it Italian or international;

– it must be legally constituted as a company;

– it had a considerable increase in turnover over the last 12 months and / or an important profit in the last financial statements

The editorial staff will take into account all these factors to draw up the list of the 100 best startups, which will be presented next December 14 and published on the website www.startupitalia.eu.

The news this year is the possibility to vote the best startup among those selected by our community: voting will be possible from 19th October onwards among all the startups registered for SIOS2020. The one collecting the largest number of preferences will walk on the stage of StartupItalia! Open Summit to become the SIOS2020 most voted startup by our community.

The maximum number of votes that can be expressed by the same IP can not exceed 50 for each Startup.

Alongside, a panel of experts made of CEOs, managers of large national and multinational companies, stakeholders, venture capitalists and representatives of public institutions will vote their favorite company on the basis of their experience and knowledge of the international ecosystem.

Each one of them can consult the full list of startups registered for SIOS2020 and propose more innovative companies to be added. This list will be refined over the months leading to SIOS to individuate the best candidates to the title of “Startup of the year”. The criteria will be the same used for the “top 100 list”.

An external commission will oversee the technical and formal correctness of the vote. In addition to the “”Startup of the year” title, a series of special prizes will be assigned to the best companies operating in a large number of fields.

Stay tuned!